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Traffic Tickets are the most common form of contact with police. In Philadelphia, police regularly cite people with Speeding, Driving While Suspended, and no insurance. All of these citations can be costly. Any traffic ticket you get can result in fines, points, costs, higher insurance premiums, and even License Suspensions.

If you get a ticket, there are a few things you need to know before you do anything at all:

Don’t Just Pay the Ticket

Most people simply pay their ticket and think it’s over. The first rule in dealing with your traffic ticket is to never just pay the ticket. Paying the ticket can operate as a guilty plea in most courts, and Philadelphia Traffic Court can treat the payment as your intention to plead guilty. If you plead guilty, you can get points, additional fines, and even a license suspension.

Respond to the Citation and Plead Not Guilty

This might be common sense, but if you do not respond to the citation, your license will be suspended. When you get the ticket, plead “not guilty” and send it out to Philadelphia Traffic Court, but do not pay. Pleading not guilty helps you avoid a service fee for not responding and ensures they don’t suspend you for failure to respond.

Get a Lawyer

Regardless of the type of traffic ticket you get, consult an attorney. Many people believe they don’t need a lawyer for a simple ticket. However, there are many potential consequences that flow from a traffic ticket.

For example, if you’re a Commercial Driver, your commercial driving privileges can be suspended for a period of time and you could potentially be out of work if you plead or are found guilty of certain offenses. Similarly, if you are an out of state driver, your out of state driver license could be suspended for an offense that doesn’t carry a suspension in Pennsylvania.

The only way to make sure you don’t fall into one of those traps is to consult and experienced Philadelphia Traffic attorney.

Philadelphia Traffic Ticket Attorney

No matter what citation you receive, call us today for a free consultation. Our attorneys have decades of experience dealing with Traffic Citations in Philadelphia. We’ve had thousands of satisfied traffic clients and positive reviews from our past clients. We know how the system works and we’ve been able to get real results for our clients.

This content was written on behalf of Greg Prosmushkin.