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Even with insurance coverage, a Car Accident can entail a complicated landmine of issues that you should handle with great care and responsibility. When you or a loved one is in a Car Accident, it is very important to document certain information promptly.

Firstly, if you have a camera phone, take as many pictures at the scene as you can. You do not have to be hurt to document information. Take a photo of the license plates on all the cars that were involved.

Secondly, collect all potential insurance information from all drivers that were involved. It is ok to provide your information to them.

Thirdly, make sure that you take pictures of all the property damage that was caused by the crash. Afterwards, take photographs of all the property damage that may have been present before the accident.

Fourthly, if possible, take pictures of the points of rest for the cars after the crash.

Finaly, if anyone stops and says that they saw the incident, you must get their information as well: name and number, in case you need them for later.

Do not rely on the police to document everything that they should. Many times, police reports are incomplete, or even inaccurate. In addition, police come to the scene after the incident, so they have no firsthand knowledge of how the accident happened. Therefore, sometimes, they adopt the wrong story or set of facts.

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If you or a loved one were involved in a Car Accident, contact The Law Offices of Greg Prosmushkin, P.C. Our experienced attorneys and staff have handled thousands of Car Accidents where the proper documentation made the case. Our consultations are always free, and our guarantee is always in place: if we do not recover money, there will be no fees or costs charged.

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The next, the incident needs to be reported to your insurance company. Your insurance company will handle the property damage on your case and set up a medical billing system for your injuries, should you have any. In the event that you do not have collision coverage, or you were driving someone’s Uninsured car, you must rely on the wrongdoer’s insurance company to compensate you for your car damage and pay your medical bills. However, this can be a frustrating and aggravating process. In the case of no collision coverage, the other driver’s insurance company can and usually does, give you a hard time. Many times, in a clear cut case, they will try and place a portion of the blame for the accident on you, and therefore pay you less for your property damage.

As for medical coverage, in the case of the uninsured driver, the defendant driver’s insurance company must pay your medical bills in Pennsylvania. This is mandatory, but can take a long time. Without an attorney, the wrongdoer’s insurance company can delay, which, in turn, will delay your medical payments. That is why you should Contact Greg Prosmushkin, P.C., and let us handle all the aggravation. Give us a call today, and come in for a free consultation.

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